Our Key Services

CONCIERGE is our fully managed e-commerce service. We will build and manage a top tier web store for your business, seamlessly integrate with your POS or stock system and manage seasonal data updates. All the benefits of online trading – but with all of the hassle removed. Built on Shopify for complete reliability – managed by Modular Commerce for complete convenience.

CLICKS by Modular Commerce is a comprehensive online marketing service, encompassing Google advertising, social media content and campaigns and email marketing services. Reach new and existing customers in the online spaces where they lead their digital lives.

Customer Feedback

“I’m trading online without the hassles of maintaining my website – it’s brilliant!  I’d previously managed my website, but like most small retailers, it was another job I had to find time to do alongside running my footwear shop. 

From the outset, they listened to my requirements to create a clean, crisp website that would be easy for my customers. They worked in partnership with my ePOS provider to create a fully transactional website that’s seamlessly linked to my ePOS. 
The Modular Commerce team manage all my website updates, including product images and descriptions – which used to take me hours! I control which products appear on the website and how much they are sold for, but I don’t have the worry or stress of managing my site. It’s a productive partnership, leaving me free to focus on my business! 

David Ives – ivesfootwear.co.uk

“Footwear4you has been online since 2006 but on the drive back from meeting Modular Commerce at the Footwear Today show I felt I had met people who understood the particular requirements of the shoe trade. My enthusiasm and confidence in the team has not been misplaced. Despite the obstacles now in place with trading with suppliers outside the UK, I am confident my business is now partnered with the right people to take us forward.”

Geoff Shickle – footwear4you.co.uk

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